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About Us

Open the DOOR to New Horizons!

We at DOOR Training and Consulting India (P) Ltd provide smart training and consulting solutions in the areas of leadership, sales and sales management, customer service and soft skills training such as communication and negotiation and beyond. DOOR facilitates corporate training solutions that have a direct impact on business performance. We have established our credibility by providing comprehensive and broad branded training solutions across a vast cross-section of competency domains.
DOOR Training and Consulting India (P) Ltd has redefined entrepreneurship in the country and we offer worldwide standards for local delivery as we address the training needs of organisations with clear and crisp solutions that are measurable and visible. We have a global presence in more than 50 countries and are a truly international training provider to corporate organisations.

DOOR Training and Consulting India Philosophy

"We are dedicated to and passionate about improving the performance and effectiveness of individuals, leaders, teams and organizations” - Ricardo Lillo, CEO, DOOR International

Amongst the very best corporate training companies, DOOR Training and Consulting India has not just a commercial market awareness but a cost awareness too. It is experienced in responding to fast changes and global business impacts while delivering high quality products through a professional and efficient training services.

Your national and global training, consulting and coaching provider operating in over 63 countries , DOOR Training India is committed to improving organisational performance and development, improving productivity and addressing business issues.
Our global network of certified trainers and consultants allow our customers to benefit from local excellence through our tailored training programs delivered by local DOOR professionals.

For better performance, for better results. - Yogesh Sood, MD, DOOR Training and Consulting India (P) Ltd


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