DOOR International

Your DOOR to Global Training
We deliver projects in over 90 Countries around the world. We have our own or affiliated offices in 55 Countries, which enables us to operate globally and deliver locally.

DOOR International enables global corporations to implement standarized and consistent programs, development and implementation processes in a one-stop shop.

DOOR through a network of nearly a thousand trainers, consultants and coaches can deliver:

  • DOOR training programs
  • unique, tailored programs
  • third party programs
DOOR has over twenty years experience in the implementation of international training projects for major global corporations such as, Philip Morris International, Sony and Hyundai. Since 2004, DOOR has been on the Microsoft preferred vendors list and has delivered training in 74 countries.
DOOR International BV
Staalweg 19
AS 4104 Culemborg
The Netherlands
Phone: +49 611 15759 00
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