10 Ways to Navigate Through Conflict

That’s a contradiction in terms. When I was a boy, my brother and I would get into arguments over some dumb thing or another. Rather than having us talk the issue out, our Dad would make us put on boxing gloves, then take us out in the backyard where we would duke it out. Since [...]

Do Leaders Sabotage Accountability?

Q. I have recently attended a number of webinars and a workshop on accountability. Some of the training touched on the importance of holding clear and concise “accountability conversations” to ensure commitment and follow-through to achieve results. I understand how important it would be in holding these types of conversations, but I wondered if there [...]

Roadblocks ahead in the future for training

The challenges in training begin with the first step of training and ends with the last step of training. The various roadblocks of training seen in future are: • Need identification • Training Course • Training Delivery • Training Measurement Need Identification: “Learning without thought is labour lost. Thought without learning is intellectual death:”One of [...]