Creating People Excellence

Organisations are as good as their people. High performance professionals are the key success factor for any company, it is a tall order to ensure employee motivation and consequent employee retention. At DOOR we specialise in developing the knowledge, capabilities and motivation of your people and enable them to achieve your business targets. As changes [...]

Creating Leadership Excellence

“Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things” -Peter Drucker And we at DOOR Training and Consulting help you do the right things, we believe great leaders can be made. Against the backdrop of the current global economic climate, any organisational success banks heavily upon its leadership. Investing in developing leadership skills [...]

Creating Call Center Excellence

“The best job goes to the person who can get it done!” -Napoleons Hill The measure of any company’s success is its customer satisfaction graph that can surge upwards if your customer service exceeds clients expectations. There is not just a social responsibility attached to customer care, it’s the need of the hour to extend care and [...]

TTI Success Insights Collection – Interviewing Insights – General & Sales Versions

TARGETING TALENT Finding the right talent for specific jobs is not just desirable, but ESSENTIAL to business success. Tools that add value to the hiring process are increasingly popular with human resource professionals, line managers and business owners. Much valuable employee time can be wasted in needlessly interviewing prospective employees whose talents are not suited to job openings. CURBING TURNOVER COSTS [...]