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Precision Q+A

Precision Q+A

Precision Q+A™ is a methodology for improving analytic thinking and workplace discussion through asking focused, precise questions and pairing them with targeted, concise answers. Using focused questions and targeted answers yields faster problem solving, more efficient meetings, and deeper analysis.

Questions and answers are the backbone of knowledge work. Most people use a limited range of questions in routine ways. Changing habits in the way we articulate questions and answers fundamentally changes our thinking.

The Precision Q+A workshop introduces a robust, research-based framework for asking analytic questions. Asking more precise questions helps participants deepen their thinking. The Precision Q+A workshop teaches a practical set of techniques for responding to questions in ways that are thoughtful and concise. Aligning answers with questions increases the efficiency of workplace discussions. People who have attended the Precision Q+A workshop are better able to remedy vagueness in key ideas, surface risky assumptions, evaluate the validity of data and the credibility of sources, and analyze long-term and short-term effects.

Our one-day workshop is a highly interactive learning experience that builds on activities drawn from participants' real work. The workshop design and delivery succeeds in helping participants build skills quickly.


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