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Workshop Overview

Workshop Overview

Build analytic thinking skills immediately
Precision Q+A™ is a fast-paced, interactive one-day workshop that uses exercises based on participants' real work, so the skills are applied immediately. The workshop requires one hour of preparation, in which participants create a proposal for solving a problem they are currently facing. Workshop activities help participants analyze this proposal in-depth, allowing them to end the day with stronger analysis and deeper thinking.

Precision Q+A learning objectives
Our format maximizes both in-room learning and participants' ability to apply the skills beyond the workshop. By the end of the session, participants will:
  • Ask all seven categories of analytic questions
  • Master the format for concise answers to precise analytic questions
  • Apply the questioning and answering tools to real issues in their work
  • Communicate in ways that improve the efficiency of a discussion
  • Create an action plan for continued improvement
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