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m-learning in 5 languages


Participant  Feedback

This motor industry leader, with its European HQ in Germany, wanted a new and innovative way to support its distributors and dealerships in the launch of a new car.

One way to do this would be to print and distribute brochures in the hope they reached the end users, sales people etc; but they saw the opportunities to use the DOOR m-Learning approach, and create an interactive program that not only shares the vital information about the product, but also creates a valuable resource for the end user.

The key benefits for the organization are in their ability to develop a relationship with each of there end users, by opening up a new channel of communication, and by making the product on-line, enabling the use of a Learning Management System (DOOR -LMS), management can see the progress of individuals and groups through the program.

At launch, after a 15 Week project, the organization had a Learning Management System, with dashboard reporting, an on-line program covering 5 Modules including an assessment module, a downloadable version, all available in five languages worldwide.


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