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Career Coaching

How to develop talents?


Career Coaching

Career coaching is a process of building a coherent vision, goals, strategies and career development based on individual meetings. At the end of the process, the participant, his manager and the HR department get a report that can help you navigate further career development.

Career coaching provides:

  • assess the potential and development needs
  • reducing staff turnover and the highest potential value to the organization
  • determine the long-term goals and development plans reflect the potential
  • increased motivation and loyalty of key employees
  • increase the effectiveness of current operations and business goals
  • increase the return on investment (ROI) in training activities
  • improve the efficiency of HR

The process of career planning DOOR

By going through and committing oneself to coaching, employees are able to:
  • term vision and goals of career
  • present state / desired state
  • analysis of the parties involved
  • analysis and potential areas for development
  • analysis of personal values
  • preparation of the script
  • validity and the probability matrix
  • building strategies and action plans
  • determine the extent to which the criteria for verification purposes

Career coaching can be one of the stages of talent development program, which supports a consistent and systematic development of talent for the organization.


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