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On-boarding Coaching

How an organization can make it easier for

managers to start effectively?


On-boarding Coaching

Most organizations understand the need to invest significant time and money in identifying and attracting top-notch executive talent, and many retain executive search firms for this purpose. Far fewer organizations address the follow-up question:

Once a new executive is hired, what will the organization do to ensure his or her success, especially during the critical first three to six to twelve months?

Some EC benefits that go beyond the 90-day transition...

On-boarding Coaching targets key points in an executive's transition. At DOOR, we have a dedicated team of outstanding executive coaches with extensive track records in working with diverse organizations and leadership transitions.

We enhance your executives' ability to manage priorities and build important stakeholder relationships during their critical transition period. Together with your organization, we will implement an executive onboarding process that will ensure that your new leaders can operate effectively within their first 90 days

Successful Transition through Best-in-Class Coaching

When used as an ongoing tool intended to produce professional mastery, coaching adds value in different ways. It can:

Help executives more accurately read the organizational dynamics and expectations.Accelerate the development of "deep smarts," where the executive truly gets to know people and their abilities, understands where the organization is and how it got there, and identifies what's working and what's not quite right yet.Stimulate the executive's personal and professional growth.Help executives "see around corners" and anticipate next moves quickly.Focus the executive on building a strong foundation by creating leaders at all levels of the organization through talent planning.Offer the ideal space to define and redefine success, develop inspired actions, assess, review, celebrate, and make midcourse corrections.


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