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Call Centre Inbound Training

In order to function successfully within a call centre it is important that callers are assisted in a pleasant and effective manner and, where possible, are prompted (maximum) action. Communicating with insight and customer service skills using a clear conversational structure with callers, will not only prevent mistakes, but will also get the best result from the call—for the caller, as well as for your company or organisation.

The skill to receive a call and then to lead into, closing a deal, all rests in hand of the person taking an inbound a call at the call center. The importance of an agent at the call center cannot be underestimated, it could mean gaining or loosing a business. The call centre will certainly retain its current place as a selling or information conduit, and is likely to gain even more popularity in the future.

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Training for Call Center Coach

Rapid communication, elimination of distance, adding value as an organisation are all important reasons for choosing a Call Centre structure.

As a coach or the one who gives leadership, it is not only necessary to be a ‘wizard’ at inbound and outbound call handling in order to guide a team. In practice it very often appears that the top person in calling becomes the Call Centre Coach. The primary task of the coach is to steer the team, to stimulate enthusiasm, to lead and to coach. Along with keen observation skills and a passion for the work, the Call Centre Coach must possess the skills to carry out his or her tasks and role in a professional way.

The training is aimed at coaches/leaders of a team within the Call Centre.

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