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What is Precision Q + A™

Precision Q+A™ is a methodology for asking questions that are focused and precise, paired with answers that are targeted and concise. The result is a tightly-aligned discussion that drives analysis deeper, solves problems faster, and increases the efficiency of business conversations.

Precision Q+A increases the efficiency of meetings by teaching a framework for matching focused questions with targeted answers. Aligned questions and answers help people work together to get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Using Precision Q+A strengthens analytic thinking and problem solving throughout an organization. Questions become more focused and clear, so you can close email exchanges faster.

Shared understanding of Precision Q+A in an organization improves managerial and executive reviews. Leaders know how to articulate precise analytic questions to get to what they need to know. Presenters understand the value of concise, targeted answers. Deeper thinking helps mitigate risk and takes managerial reviews to the next level.

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Build Analytic Thinking Skills Immediately

Precision Q+A™ is a fast-paced, interactive one-day workshop that uses exercises based on participants’ real work, so the skills are applied immediately. The workshop requires one hour of preparation, in which participants create a proposal for solving a problem they are currently facing. Workshop activities help participants analyze this proposal in-depth, allowing them to end the day with stronger analysis and deeper thinking.

Our format maximizes both in-room learning and participants’ ability to apply the skills beyond the workshop. By the end of the session, participants will:
  • Ask all seven categories of analytic questions
  • Master the format for concise answers to precise analytic questions
  • Apply the questioning and answering tools to real issues in their work
  • Communicate in ways that improve the efficiency of a discussion
  • Create an action plan for continued improvement

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