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Stress Management Training

Do you often feel that a hidden enemy is working against you, sapping both your physical & mental energies? Or, that you are not able to realise your full potential? Or, that you are unable to deal with pressures of life? Or, that your relationships are no longer harmonious? Do not worry. You are not alone to get this creepy feeling. Majority of executives across the world have it. This hidden enemy is the source of many negative emotions like anger, frustration and leads to many psychosomatic diseases. It does not allow you to reach your true potential and adversely affects your interpersonal relationships. It also creates problems with your health - both physical & emotional. This enemy, however, can be conquered by developing the right mindset. What is this enemy we are referring to? While we can not control the events or circum-stances creating stressful situations, we can definitely learn to modify our reaction to them. The DOOR Training India Stress Management training helps you to lead a more balanced life. The training is highly experiential. This training is open to all who want to incorporate effective Stress Management into their personal development plan.

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Why Stress Management Training ?

How do you organise your work? How do you organise your agenda? Do you stick to it or do you run after it? Do you from time to time have the feeling that the work has caught up with you and that you are being guided by the red taillights of priorities and obligations? And what’s about your private life? Time management problems surprisingly enough are most frequently found in those jobs that offer a high degree of freedom. Jobs with a lot of internal and external contacts and that involve very few routine activities.Time management is a technique which allows you to get your own work under control. This program aims at giving direction to young executives, managers and employees who want to achieve more in less time, and imbibe the crucial time management skills imperative to any business.

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