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Account Management

Account Management

Each account represents a customer. So, what is the difference between account management and selling? This difference is mainly determined by the type of customer. The term account frequently refers to groups of customers (chains) and large, national or international companies with offices implementing decisions that have been made centrally.

There is usually a large number of people involved in the process: buyers, users, production managers, members of the Board of Directors and other internal and external influencers. Obviously, it is not easy to provide buying support to such a large decision making team. Only by using a systematic and strategic approach underpinned by intense personal commitment will you have any real chance of success. This training course will give you fresh ideas, broaden your skills and give you a head start over your competitors. Account managers and industrial sales personnel who are responsible for maintaining or acquiring (inter)national customers or groups of customers stand to gain substantially from the program.

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