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customer centric

4% of customers

Yes, only 4% of customers are actively
looking for a supplier. So, how do we get to
the others? Learn how to create the buyers
need to purchase. Reach out to customers
before they reach out to the competition

Customer Centric Selling

What to do when the client is not thinking about buying and isn’t even interested in meeting with the salesperson?

Salespeople can’t always count on the luxury of a meeting with a client who is interested in the product. It’s one thing when the client has shown initial interest in the product and is asking questions regarding the features of the product, and completely another when the client doesn’t feel the need to buy at this time.

Customer Centric Selling
Only 4% of clients, yours included,are actively seeking suppliers.
79% recognize a need for change, yet they don’t take any steps to fulfill this need!

During the Customer Centered Selling training, salespeople discover how to speak with clients. Not about the product and its benefits, but about the client and his current background. Salespeople will learn what is the client’s level of interest in the purchase, and subsequently adjust the sales conversation to correspond to that particular level.

CCS is intended for salespeople working in various fields (functioning in B2B as well as B2C) who are looking to expand their client base as well as increase their sales through developing their list of current customers. Participation in the training will be an invaluable source of support for sales managers.

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