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Sales Management Training

The first decennium of the 21st Century will see a decrease in the number of sales representatives. That is why internal sales and aftersales employees need to adopt a more active teamwork approach towards the customer.

One team member visits the customer; another one makes the calls, maintains contact, writes letters or prepares proposals. A team with different roles and responsibilities. Internal sales no longer waits for the customer to call, but adopts a more pro-active approach and takes the initiative when called. They ask for extra orders, make appointments for the external sales force and coordinate the contacts with customers. The after-sales employee gives sales support, provides information and stimulates customers and users. They are part of one team.

The sales reps act as a sounding board for the customer. They build networks and determine the sales strategy. They are professionals that can sell at management level. Tomorrows sales managers think and act differently. They are more pro-active, careful and successful.

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