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Strategic Thinking

Dr David R Stevens is generally regarded as one of the pioneers in strategic thinking. His book Strategic Thinking: Success Secrets of Big Business Projects, McGraw Hill, put forward various definitions of strategic thinking such as: strategic thinking is promoting unorthodox perspectives; challenging the obvious; and fostering divergent thinking and creative solutions.

Strategic thinking includes finding and developing a strategic foresight capacity for an organization, by exploring all possible organizational futures, and challenging conventional thinking to foster decision making today. Recent strategic thought points ever more clearly towards the conclusion that the critical strategic question is not the conventional "What?", but "Why?" or "How?". The work of other authors, further support the conclusion; and also draw a clear distinction between strategic thinking and strategic planning, another important strategic management thought process.

DOOR uses experiences drawn from various best practices makes it easier for companies and SMBs (Small, Medium Business Enterprises) to create their strategy that covers :

1. Identifying Value Proposition
2. Breakthrough Goals
3. Critical Success factors or levers
4. Implementation plans based on CSFs
Strategic Thinking


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